So far we have seen robots at work mainly in the industrial field, in the “cobot” formula, collaborative robot. But now we will have get used to seeing robots in other contexts. Among many hesitations, this is happening, as the robot is considered as a useful tool for marketing. In the picture, we see it at the stand of a well-known clothing company within the Pitti Bimbo fair in Florence in January. The aim was to grab visitor’s attention, bringing something new to the stand with a surprise effect, in addition to the latest dress models.

But soon, the robot will be increasingly used to collect and analyze data from which it can draw useful conclusions for commercial purposes. If placed in a clothing store, for example, it can be set, according to a  cloud system in order to detect data such as who enters the store, which is the time slot that records multiple entrances, what are the customers’ requests, what are tastes and preferences. Or, depending on the needs, the robot can forward the request to the central warehouse and have the goods delivered directly to the address provided by the customer. A series of elements that may be useful enough to rethink commercial strategies, optimizing work, resources and time.