The lockdown is behind, and the country seems slowly to start again. Many rules have been introduced, such as the use of the mask, the distance between people, the prohibition of gatherings. Among the obligations introduced is the sanitization of public places. These also include airports. Malpensa has recently been equipped and for this purpose purchased a specially designed robot.

Produced by the Chinese company Keenon Robotics, one of the largest service robot providers in China that has joined the market with its new disinfection devices, the robot has an autonomy of 8 hours, a capacity of 15 liters of disinfectant, as well as sensors to be able to move in the environment. Combined with the action of UV rays, the sanitizing force is important. The robot disinfects with four short-wave UV-C lamps and a liquid sprayer. It can spray in a 5 m radius and disinfect a room in 15 minutes. «Studies have proven that it is effective against 99.9% of bacteria», explains Simi Wang, director of global sales Director at Keenon.
«Many companies, not only in China, have come to us to purchase this type of robot in order to proceed with the sanitization of environments, as provided by Covid-19. The most requested model is the one used in Malpensa. Of this model we have sold so far 550 units on the domestic market and 750 abroad. But there is also another, initially conceived as a waiter robot, adapted for sanitization».
Based in Shanghai, present for 10 years on the market Keenon Robotics has over 270 employees and produces about 60 thousand robots per year, most used in the catering, hotel and hospital sectors. «This new aspect of sanitization has further opened up other possibilities in other markets», concludes Wang.