This three-foot tall, wheeled robot is designed to navigate around your house and help you with daily tasks by providing a constant stream of information and keeping your hands free.

Temi, the world’s first truly intelligent, mobile, and affordable personal robot, is now one step closer to entering homes across the US, giving everyone a chance to experience AI while staying connected and entertained through employing a fully-autonomous, super intuitive robot.

Temi’s “head” is a 10.1-inch Android tablet that displays information and run a variety of useful apps like Google, Reddit, YouTube, CNN, Yelp, Deezer, and Uber. Temi was developed in 2016 by a company of the same name. Temi Headquarters are located in Tel Aviv, Israel, with marketing and sales conducted throughout the U.S., Singapore and China. As of January 2018, the Temi robot is ready for mass production.

Temi recognizes and follows its user around. It maps locations and navigates the user’s home and office, allowing the user to make hands-free video calls and charging the user’s devices wirelessly through a smart tray. Temi is based on an open Android platform which allows developers to create apps and enhance skills themselves. The personal robot comes with basic features such as giving the weather report, playing music, and taking photos. “Timi puts the user at the center of technology, entertainment, and video conversations,” says Danny Isserles, Temi – Usa CEO. “Its strong point is telepresence: people today travel more than ever, and we’re often separated from those we work with and care about by long distances. Temi, with its strong telepresence, allows people to feel like they’re together, even when they’re separate.”

Featuring state of the art AI and a system of 16 different sensors and cameras, Temi delivers great everyday value to users. Temi is able to recognize its owner, distinguish unique voices, and can assist with any smart task – from playing music to ordering food. Temi is a self-learning machine that will familiarize itself with its user’s likes and preferences to offer customized content and personalized services. This is the personal robot experience that many have always imagined, and using Temi is as easy as turning on a light.

Other key features include:
Telepresence: Temi allows users to be home when they’re away. When home, users can enjoy hands-free video calls as Temi follows them to keep them at the center of the frame. In this way, Temi truly restores human connection.
Autonomous Navigation: Temi was designed to autonomously navigate in the home. Using the “Robox,” Temi’s primary navigation system, it continually maps its surroundings – distinguishing between moving and static objects – enabling it to avoid obstacles and move freely around the house.
Personal AI Assistant: Temi’s has all the AI assistant skills users have grown accustomed to having, and the robot’s usability goes beyond video calls. Users can ask Temi questions; order services and food; plan trips; play games… and much more! But unlike smart speakers, these functions are supported by a beautiful on-screen UI making the experience intuitive and informative.
– Entertainment: Content is enjoyed with high quality audio thanks to a Harmon-Kardon designed sound system and a bright, rich 10 in. QHD display.