We can project movies on walls, connect with friends over a video call, and listen to music in any part of the house: all thanks to voice commands.
Keecker is a small robot, sphere-like in appearance, which is able to move freely around the house. Among its various functions, its main function is the wireless projector which can also be used as both a surveillance camera and speaker for music and alarms.

From a meter and a half away, it can project a 78-inch image onto any wall. It supports Full Led resolution at 720P, Full HD and 4K, with 1080i, 720p video mode, interlaced 1920 × 1080 and 1280 × 720 progressive image projection. The brightness is 1000 lumens and ensures 20,000 hours of playback, equivalent to the life cycle of a TV. It can integrate with smart speakers like Google Home, which can then control a selection of functions thanks to its assistant. Keecker weighs about 10 kilos; it is silent, with noise emission of <25 dB; and has a contrast of 6000: 1. The lens has a field of view of 90° and can be oriented at will, even as far as to view images on the ceiling, turning the house into a 360° home entertainment system.

Keecker has a 4.1 sound system, with 4 10-watts speakers, plus a 50 watts woofer, for a sound power of 117 decibels, proving it’s not just a projector!

The robot also serves as a reliable security camera, thanks to a Sony 13 MP lens, 360° degrees. It can map the house and, through the companion app on smartphone, allows you to monitor the interior of your home to check that nothing is awry.